For The Most Adorable Pets Only


We all love to pamper our pets, perhaps with a sparkly new collar or a soft cushy bed.  This week Monaco Paws stopped by the chicest pet shop in town to talk with Marilisa Tomasini the owner of the shop For Pets Only (3, Ave Princesse Alice +377 93 25 77 77).

  1. When and why did you open your shop? 

I’ve been open for just over a year.  I’ve always had dogs so I was familiar with the For Pets Only brand and there wasn’t any place like it in Monaco.

  1. How has business been so far?

We have a great location in the heart of Monaco.  I have lots of local customers and also tourists who come from all over the world.

  1. What are your best selling products?

Mostly the collars because we have a great selection of different styles.  We also offer grooming for dogs and cats.

  1. How many dogs do you have of your own?

I have three dogs: Set, Vicky (both West Highland Terriers) and Sara (Spaniel mix).  Set is 8 and is very possessive; he thinks he is my boyfriend.  Vicky acts like a cat and Sara is pretty relaxed.

  1. Why do you like Westies?

They don’t shed their hair very much and they are always white and smell clean.

  1. Do your dogs come to the shop everyday?

I like to keep them here, but just for half the day.  They get very jealous when I give attention to other dogs.

  1. Where do you like to walk your dogs?

We go to the Casino Gardens everyday, they love to see the ducks in the fountain.

  1. Do you think dogs are very welcome around Monaco?

Oh yes, people here have a special relationship with their dogs.

  1. Why do you think dogs become so important in their owner’s lives?

Dogs are good for people.  They are especially good for older people.  It gives them something to do.  Dogs just bring joy and happiness.