Hugo, the Brave

KaidiPhotography Art of an EyeMonaco Paws spent a sunny fall afternoon learning about the Dachshund called Hugo.  Hugo is part of the Bruner family, pictured here with Mum Edwige and girls Charlotte (8 years old) and Lauren (3 years old).
Where did you get Hugo?
We saw him in the window of a pet shop on Madison Avenue in New York on Christmas Eve.  He ended up as my Christmas present, that was 10 years ago.
How did he adjust to living in Monaco?
It’s so much better here.  He was a terrible city dog.  It was very lucky to come here where he has a garden and can run freely.  And here he can go everywhere with us.  He goes in the pool, and on the boat too.  When we go to restaurants Hugo is usually the most well behaved member of our party.
Who takes care of Hugo?
Charlotte:  I take care of him when I’m not at school.  I play with him and give him treats.
What does Hugo eat?
Charlotte:  We feed him all day long.
Edwige:  Well, that’s true (laughing).  He also loves to eat the lemons that fall from the trees in the garden.  He is the only dog I know who loves citrus.
Have you trained Hugo?
Charlotte:  I tried to teach him some things.  I taught him to sit.
Edwige:  He needs training or he gets bored.  We trained him to chase a ball and now he is obsessed with it.
Do you speak to Hugo in French or English?
He is an American dog, so we speak in English.  Except “Ça suffit”.  That became his surname for a while.
Is Hugo a good friend?
Charlotte:  I love it when he chases his tail.
Edwige:  Lauren really tortures him and he never reacts.  We never get bored with him and he loves us no matter what.
Does Hugo like to cuddle?
He is a perfect lap dog.  He likes to be the “Choux-choux”.
Charlotte:  He comes into my bed in winter.  Sometimes he gets stuck in my hair.
Does Hugo have any nicknames?
We call him “Chauffe-pieds” or the “Foot Warmer”.
Is Hugo a good watch-dog?
He is very protective and brave for a little dog.  Actually, a few weeks ago we heard him barking in the middle of the night and found there was an intruder trying to break in.  Hugo saved us!