Man’s Best Man

KaidiPhotographyMonaco Paws recently spent a sunny afternoon getting to know Diana Gabriel, Steve Myro and their very handsome Boxer-Lab mix, Barney.

Where did you get Barney?

We got him from a pet shop in north Montreal. He was a mutt and a good deal, just $399. Sometimes we tell people he was a rescue (because of the bad reputation of pet shops). We like to think we rescued him from the pet shop.

How did Barney get his name?

We didn’t name him at first. Steve wasn’t sure he wanted to keep him because he was so messy at the beginning   But one day Steve just started calling him Barney, so then I knew he was here to stay.

How did Barney manage the transition from Montreal to Monaco?

He likes it here and we take him everywhere we go in Monaco. Still, he does miss his big dog friends from Canada.

What does Barney like to do?

He loves to sniff.   He needs to run a lot, but it’s hard to find places here where there is enough space for him to really run freely.

What do you feed him?

We started with kibble, but have now switched to a totally raw food diet. It’s much better for him and his health has improved a lot. But we can’t source it here, so we get it shipped in from Montreal. He also gets organic cinnamon treats. There’re really good, I’ve tried them (Steve).

Is Barney well trained?

When we got him he knew the word “sit”. To this day that’s still all he knows.   He hates cats and will chase them ruthlessly.

Is he a good guard dog?

He barks when anyone rings the doorbell, but otherwise he is not protective or aggressive at all.

Do you think he is a smart dog?

Not really, but he is very intuitive. He knows when we have a fight and comes over to comforts us.

What’s the best thing about Barney?

He is always happy. No mood swings…like us.

Was Barney really the Best Man at your wedding?

Yes, he wore a bow tie and Steve held on to him during the vows. He is in all the wedding photos too.