Me Puppy Book & Coco

Me Puppy Book by KaidiPhotographyEarlier this year Monaco Paw’s own Kaidi-Katariin Knox published the very special, Me Puppy Book.  This book, available as an e-book and in print, is written from the puppy’s perspective and gives helpful instruction to her new owners.  We asked Kaidi to tell us more about her book, and her best friend, Coco. 

What inspired you to write Me Puppy Book?

I got Coco about three years ago and did a lot of research on the best training techniques.  Most of what I found was really long and complicated.  Coco is a mini Yorkshire Terrier and is so tiny that you might think that rules and cues don’t matter.  But the truth is all puppies grow up and need to learn good manners.  I wanted to figure out how to simplify the training process.

Is Me Puppy Book for adults or children?
I think both adults and children will enjoy it.  However, it is written in a way that children can easily understand and use.
What are the main lessons of the book?
It covers all the basics.  It gives the first tips and tricks to use when a new puppy joins the family.
What’s your proudest moment using the tips from the book?
The Positive Reinforcement technique is the most rewarding way to raise a mentally healthy and happy dog. Dogs are very sensitive beings and respond to our tone of voice and mood.  You will always have better results training your dog with positive reinforcement for good behaviour, than punishment for bad behaviour.
The book features your dog Coco, did she cooperate with the process?
Dogs love to please their owners.   Different dogs are driven by different rewards, it can be food, a toy or praise.  For Coco, she will do anything for a treat and a cuddle.
Are there any other dogs photographed in the book?
Yes, my friend’s dog Pudding appears as well.  She is a reason we got our dog. She is a total love! Opposed to Coco, she is driven to learn cues with her toy as a reward.
Do you have any special advice for Monaco dog owners?
I think the goal is to have our dogs well integrated into our daily lives.  Whether we live in the city or the country, we want to have our best friends along side us.  And we need to be responsible owners which means that our dogs should be well behaved, microchipped, vaccinated, washed and brushed, and get plenty of exercise. Responsible pet owners have happy dogs.
What has been the best thing about this project for you?
Well, it has really helped me to discover my passion, which is photographing dogs. That is why I loved making the book and why we have such fun with Monaco Paws. I am really lucky to have the chance to do what I love.
I think Me Puppy Book would be a great gift for children to use when they get their first puppy.  Where is the book available? 
The e-book is available online at Blurb book store
Printed copies are available at For Pets Only in Monte-Carlo and the Clinique Vétérinaire du Soleil in Cap D’ail.   We also have Twitter, a Facebook page and Instagram account where you can see lots more pictures of Coco. #cocointhebag