Monaco Paws- Parson Russell Terrier, Sparky

Monaco Paws Fader Walter & SparkyThis week we were very happy chat with Father Walter and his Parson Russell Terrier, Sparky.

1.  Where did you find Sparky?

“I adopted him from a rescue near Toulon.  He was already well trained when I got him.”

2.  What do you like about this breed?

“They are very quiet dogs, and very intelligent and devoted.  But he will chase most things that move, although he won’t attack.”

3.  Does Sparky have any special friends?

“He likes a dog called O’Neil who lives down the street and he is well cared for by the Rowe family whenever I have to go away.  They have 5 dogs of their own, so he just joins their pack.”

4.  Where do you like to take Sparky for walks?

“We go everywhere.  He is a good hiker, so we go in the mountains quiet often.  He used to be pretty tireless, but now that he is a bit older he has slowed down a little.”

5.  What is the best thing about having a dog?

“He is great company and great for my health.  He must be walked a lot every day so he helps keep me active.”

6.  Does he have any special habits?

“He loves to play. The greatest honour he can bestow on someone is to pick out a toy and bring it to you and ask you to play with him.  His favorite toys are the squeaky, rubbery ones.”

7.  Does Sparky participate in your priestly duties?

“He is always at the 8am service on Sundays and when I say “Go forth”, he goes.  Also when I am counseling, he likes to stay close by.  I refer to him as ‘My Assistant’.”