Monaco Paws- West Highland White Terriers, Domino and Nellie

Vanessa, Nellie & DominoThis week I spoke with Vanessa Ilsley, about her West Highland White  Terriers, Domino and Nellie.

 1.  What do you like about Westies?

‘My husband has always had Westies, they have lots of character and are very loyal.  It’s good to have two together.”

 2.  Did you have dogs growing up?

“My parents both worked with dogs professionally and that is how they met.  My mother still has dogs and always has several around, and now runs a German Shepard Rescue Charity.”

 3.  Where are your dogs most happy?

They love London where they can be let off their leash and walk by the river.”

 4.  What is the best part about having dogs?

“The unconditional love, and they are always so pleased to see you.  Plus many of the people I know in Monaco, I met through our dogs.”

 5.  What are their favorite special treats?

“Some mornings they get a yummy treata croissant from Bouchon.”

 6.  Do they have very different personalities?

“Yes, Nellie likes to have a perch and keep on eye on everything.  She is also very jealous of other girl dogs.  Domino loves his tennis balls and can play with them endlessly.”

 7.  Are they well-behaved?

“Well, mostly, but not always, but they never go far from me.”