Patience Pays

KaidiPhotographyOver three years ago Ylja Bartlett Venema and her husband decided that they wanted a dog.  However, it wasn’t until about six months ago they finally got Flapperlingen (Flappy), a Cavapoo.  Cavapoos are a fairly new breed; a cross of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.  Monaco Paws wanted to find out if their patience has paid off.

How did Flapperlingen get his name?

About three years ago we were sitting by the sea one day and watching a flag flapping in the wind.  We thought Flapperlingen would be a great name for a dog.

Why did you wait three years?

We looked around a lot, but my husband kept getting cold feet about it.  I finally bought the puppy for him as a surprise gift.

Where did you get Flappy?

I bought him from a breeder in Holland when he was 8 weeks old.

What is special about this breed?

My husband has allergies, so we needed a breed that does not shed.  And we like the low-key personality of Cavaliers.  Together it makes the perfect dog for us.  Also because he is easy to have in an apartment.

Has it been difficult to train him?

He is so sweet, he didn’t really need much training.  He is very obedient and I like to let him off the lead as much as possible.

You speak three languages, what do you use with Flappy?

The commands are always in English, but sometime I speak Dutch & Frysian to him too.

Has having a puppy impacted your lifestyle?

I take him to work and it is great to have his company.  He is only 7 kilos, so I can easily take him everywhere.  It’s been really easy.  He adapts very quickly wherever we go, although he hates being in the car.

Are you enjoying finally being a dog-owner?

He is so cuddly and gives so much love.  He’s just so sweet.

So was Flappy worth the wait?

It’s the best thing that ever happened to us.