Tess of the Ville

1-013 2015 Monaco Paws, KaidiPhotography Art of an EyeHow old is Tess?

She’s a year and 5 months.  We got her when she was 3 months old. I think the fact that she spent a little more time with her mother and other dogs was a good thing as she is well socialised (most puppies leave their mothers at 2 months).

What kind of training have you done with her?

I had never trained a dog before, so there was a lot to learn.  It is important to be persistent.  Rewards work well.  It is an ongoing process. I still occasionally take away her toys or food (and then give it back) so she doesn’t get too possessive.

What are her favourite treats?

She loves carrots! And of course leftover filet mignon and roast chicken.

Does she have any bad habits?

Honestly, she is like a dream.  She only barks when the doorbell rings.

You’ve recently brought Tess to London, how did that go?

We traveled to London via PET S 2GO2 (http://www.pets2go2.co.uk/).

I highly recommend them.  They have a special vehicle and transport dogs all over Europe.  The owner can come along too if they wish, as I did.

How does Tess like being in London?

It is not as dog-friendly as Monaco or France, but Tess is happy everywhere.

I always have to call first to see if I can bring her along when I order an Uber taxi. I was so happy to find a dog-friendly bank (Metro Bank), where dogs get treats and a doggie scarf. They also offer free microchipping!  She is great on the Tube and the bus, and the parks are fantastic.

How do Londoners respond to Tess?

People are in a rush here, so other people with dogs don’t often have time to say hello, which is very different to France and Monaco.  But I can often see that she makes people smile, like babies do.

If you can’t take her along with you, what do you do with her during the day?

I found a great doggy daycare.  Its 20 pounds a day, but I would never leave her by herself all day long.  It wouldn’t be fair.

What is the best thing about Tess?

She is a wonderful companion.  She makes me smile every time I look at her.  She gives so much joy. I can’t imagine life without her.

As Tess is your first pet, do you have any advice for people considering getting a dog?

I think everyone should have a dog, but make sure you are ready for all the responsibilities that come along with being a responsible dog-owner.