The Princess and her Pirate

KaidiPhotography Beloved Monaco café, Princesse Pirate (7 Avenue de l’Hermitage, +377 97 98 11 13), is best known for two things; super yummy cupcakes and the gorgeous cocker spaniel Lola.  Monaco Paws chatted with owner and entrepreneur Stephanie Bovini over tea and some very tasty treats.

1. How did Lola get her name?

I always wanted to have a daughter and give her the name Lola.  But instead I had three sons.  So I knew when I got her two years ago that I would call her Lola.

  1. How does she get along with your sons?

Her very best friend is my son Sasha.  She will pick up a toy and bring it to him to play with her.  She cuddles with the rest of us, but Sasha is her favorite and her playmate.

  1. Has Lola always come to the café?

Everywhere I go, she comes.  When she was a puppy I used to put her on corner bench and now that is her spot, unless we are really busy.

  1. Lola seems very well behaved, did she have any special training?

My husband used to be a veterinary assistant so he was in charge of her education and did all the training.  She knows to stay on the premises; she’s never crossed the street outside the café.

  1. Does she get along well with other animals?

At the café she is fine and gets along with everyone.  But at home it’s different.  She defends the house and won’t allow any other animals to be around, not a cat or even a goldfish.

  1. Does Lola get to eat your cupcakes?

No, never cupcakes.  Her favorite treats are cherry tomatoes.  They are like bonbons to her.

  1. How many cupcakes do you make everyday?

I make 54 cupcakes every morning.  They are available here, but we are also selling them a few other places around town.  I also love to make special birthday cakes.

  1. Lola is a very pretty dog.  Is it a lot of work to keep her looking like a princess?

Every Sunday she gets a bath.  Cocker spaniels often have problems with their eyes and ears, so I have to pay extra attention to those areas.

  1. What does Lola like to do when she is not at the café?

She is completely mad about the water.  She would swim to Corsica if we let her.  We also go hiking in the mountains.  She prefers to walk free off the lead.

  1. How do your customers react when they meet Lola?

Everybody loves Lola!