Spitz Blitz

1-2015 MonacoPaws April & Julia by KaidiPhotography-002There is no accessory more chic than the perfect puffy pooch.   This week Monaco Paws took a stroll in the park with Julia Krulova and her lavender coloured German Spitz Klien, called April.


How old is April?

One year and three months.  We got her from a London breeder when she was 4 months old.   Over the last three years, all the puppies from that breeder have been adopted by my friends and family.

What do you like about this breed?

They are extremely smart, so devoted.  She follows all my steps everywhere I go.

Does she need a lot of exercise?

Yes, minimum 2-3 hours a day or she will get aggressive.   She is like a little warrior.

What are her favourite treats?

April loves pigs ears.  When she smells them she goes insane.  But I have to be careful because she loves to eat.  She will eat non-stop if I don’t monitor her.

 Do you travel with April?

My husband and I have only been able to travel by car since we’ve had her.  We have to take her everywhere we go.

How does she do in the summer heat?

We must walk very early in the morning or she gets too hot.  She is a Nordic breed.

Where does April sleep?

She sleeps next to me but at 7am she jumps over to my husband.  But he still thinks she loves me more than him.

Does your husband help take care of her?

Yes, he takes her out and feeds her, but he grew up only having cats, so this is new to him.

What is the best thing about having a dog?

I don’t think you can ever have so much love on the planet.  You can have a husband, parents, but this is different; totally unconditional.  She is fully our baby.

Do you think you will get another dog?  

I would love to have another dog.  I saw a Spitz Nano (a miniature Spitz) and went crazy for it.  My husband wants a brown Lab.